Christian Education for Children and Youth

Church School
Church School is held each Sunday morning throughout the regular school year during the 10:00 a.m. worship hour.

Congregationalists have long believed in education for people of all ages. Inspired by this tradition, our church offers a program that provides children with a chance to learn about Jesus, the Bible, and the church. Our program is highly interactive, involving all of the different ways children learn, which enables participants to experience the Bible in a variety of different, exciting ways. This year (2015-2016) our kids are learning about “Friends in Faith: Heroes and Heels of the Bible.” The curriculum focuses on the great characters of Scripture, looking at strengths and shortcomings, and how God works with and through all sorts of people to share his love and grace.

Confirmation is a mentor-based program offered to teens who wish to learn more about their faith and formally join the church. Participants meet with the pastor and with their mentors throughout the journey. Past experience has shown us that confirmation is an intensely rewarding experience for all.
For information about participating in our church school, please contact Marsha Corkins or Steve Silver at 448-4281.

Christian Education for Adults